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At RAM Foundation we encourage our students to explore mathematics beyond the school curriculum. We encourage our young Mathematicians to engage in research and collaborate with other Mathematicians. These are some of the publications by our students in reputed Math journals.

  • Counting Perimeter Magic Triangles By Jayaditya Gupta
  • Guess the Card By Shreya Mundhada
  • 2 Striking Number Patterns By Adithya Rajesh
  • Rational Twin Isosceles Triangles By Haran Mouli, Sarth Chavan, Mahavir Gandhi
  • Summing V a Correction By Haran Mouli
  • Exploring and Connecting Inradius and Factorisation By Swasti Patil, Siddharth Laxshmisha, Davin Christino
  • Counting Triangles By Sundarraman Madhusudanan
  • Exploration on Triangles With Integer Sides By Shreyan Jha
  • Self Numbers by Manu Parameshwaran
  • Galaxy of Unit Fractions with Tom and Jerry by Adithya Rajesh
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