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Game Theory and Auctions Online Workshop

A 4-day online workshop

Have you wondered?

Why do few teams seem to build a better team than the rest in the IPL auction? 
Why are grandmasters stronger than most others in a game of chess? 
Why are only a few startups successful whereas many others fail? 

The workshop will take a dive into the world of game theory, an economic model built to understand the word strategy to discuss how the best strategy differs for people with different risk profiles. We will then try to use our understanding of game theory to build and study various interesting auctions, a study known as mechanism design in literature. We will build ourselves a platform to launch ourselves further into the amazing realm of games, tactics and strategies.

Application deadline: 25 seats only. Apply early to reserve a spot!
Camp dates: 15th, 16th,  22nd & 23rd of January 2022
Timing: 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm IST
Venue: Online

Game Theory Workshop Flyer.png
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