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Meet Granth Thakkar: The fastest mental calculator in the world

A 13-year-old Indian boy, Granth Thakkar, has become the new world mental arithmetic champion beating 40 other participants from 18 countries.

The event saw competitors perform tasks as complicated as finding root numbers and multiplyingeight-digit figures mentally without using any aids, not even a paper and pencil.

Quick at solving the problems, Granth impressed his judges by not making any mistakes, writes the Times of India.

Marc Jornet Sanz from Spain won the second prize and Chie Ishikawa from Japan stood third.

Held in Dresden in Germany, the event held by the city technical university saw young participants like a ten-year-old from India and older ones like an 80-year-old from France.

The contest takes place every two years.

Granth has earlier bagged the gold in math Olympics in Turkey’s Antalya city. In the event, called ‘Flash Anzan’ Thakkar had to add up 15 numbers, flashing very quickly on a giant screen.

He won gold in the children’s category and silver in the adults’ category.


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