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Olympiad Faculty 

Dr. S. Muralidharan

Dr. S Muralidharan obtained his Ph D in Mathematics from TIFR. Dr. S Muralidharan has had the distinction of not only being at the helm of technology with his work in the private sector but has also pursued his passion for academia. He has written more than 70 articles on Mathematics in various journals. He has published 4 books, the latest one titled Combinatorics for Mathematical Olympiads was released in January 2019. He was the Chief Examination Coordinator for IOQM, conducted by MTA(I). He was actively involved with the Mathematics Talent Contest by AMTI for several years.

At TCS he worked on Algorithms and Data Science and headed the Decision Sciences and Algorithms Lab and retired on 30th Oct 2019. He has published four books: 
1. Triangles - Construction and Inequalities 
2. Gems from the Mathematics Teacher
3. Recursion Sequences
4. Combinatorics for Mathematical Olympiads 
Several of his solutions have appeared in the Canadian problem journal Crux Mathematicorum. His article ‘The Fifteen Puzzle - A New Approach’ appeared in the journal The Mathematics Magazine published by the Mathematical Association of America.

His only hobby and passion is Mathematics!

Shriprasad Tambe

Shriprasad Tambe did his MSc in Mathematics from IIT Bombay in 1992. He has been in the field of Mathematics education since early days. He teaches students from middle school upto post graduate students. Many of his students have gone ahead and pursue a career in pure and applied Mathematics. Mr. Tambe is a well sought out after faculty at National level for Olympiads, Madhava competition for undergraduate students (, for IIT JAM and is a resource person for Raising a Mathematician Training Program (a week-long program for high school students passionate about Mathematics). 

Apart from Mathematics, Shriprasad loves to read, trek, listen to classical music. He writes poems and articles in Marathi magazines and has written docudramas on mathematicians for radio. He is part of the writing team for Kutuhal column in the popular Marathi newspaper Lok satta in 2021.

Bhas Bhamre

Bhas Bhamre is the founder of Bhas Bhamre Academy in Nasik where he works with middle and high school students to build strong foundations of Mathematics especially areas pertaining to Olympiads. He is a Geometer and has transferred the love for geometry and other areas on to many of his students. He has participated in prestigious programs like PROMYS for Teachers (Boston) and has presented papers in International Conferences. He too is a sought out faculty for Olympiads at National level. He is an Executive Council member of Raising a Mathematician Foundation and life member of Association of Mathematics Teachers of India and Mathematics Teachers Association (India). He is part of Maharashtra Ganit Adhyapak Mandal in Nasik where they conduct two examinations for middle school students - Pradnya and Pravinya.


Apart from Mathematics, he loves to travel and trek. He is an avid lover of music and used to be a professional tabla player. He is well known in his circles for his wit and the loud whistle he blows in the class. 

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