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Summer camp for young Mathematicians

Dates: 2 weeks in May. Applications NOW OPEN!

Epsilon Camp will engage children in the age group of 9 through 12 in a challenging and intense summer camp. The camp seeks to nurture the mathematical needs of highly gifted young mathematicians. We are looking for evidence of Mathematical maturity and interest through teacher recommendations, performance on our qualifying pre-test and parent questionnaire for entry into this camp. Epsilon India shares the same instructional philosophy of Epsilon USA, one of the pioneers of gifted math education in North America. Click 'Read More' to learn more about the program.
Math.Biz 2023 flyer.png


Program for young Mathematicians

Dates: .10 Days in June. Applications NOW OPEN!

Math.Biz aims to showcase a unique aspect of Mathematics not typically taught in schools. The program incorporates principles from finance, economics, business, and management and connects them to high school level mathematical concepts.

RAM TP 2023 Square size.png


Summer Camp for Middle and High Schoolers

Dates: 2 weeks in May. Applications now closed

Raising a Mathematician Foundation (RAM) has been running a highly sought-out, free, 1-week residential math camp for about 100 kids between the ages of 13 to 15, across India called 'Raising a Mathematician Training Program'
(RAM TP). Click VIEW MORE to know more details about the program including registering for the program.
Game Theory Workshop Flyer.png


Online Workshop

Dates: Jan 2022 - 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd

4 day online workshop on Game Theory and Auctions.Take a deep dive into The beautiful World of Game Theory and know more about  The inside world of Strategy.
All Girls Math Camp_V6.png

All Girls Math Nurture Camp (AG MNC 2022)

Online sessions for Middle School girls

Dates: December 24th to 30th, 2022

All Girls Mathematics Nurture Camp (AG MNC 2022) is a rigorous 7-day online training program in mathematics for Middle school girls (12 to 15 years of age) selected through an entrance test. The top students from this camp will also be selected for future mentoring programs with RAM Foundation.


Online Physics Workshop

Dates: Biannual program for a week. Dates will be announced in our social media

If you are a student of 10th to 12th grade and passionate about Physics, here's an opportunity that you cannot miss! To know more about this program, watch
Click Read More to understand more about the program.


Online Finance and Economics Workshop

Dates: Biannual program for a week. Application dates will be announced in our social media.

Raising a Mathematician Foundation presents a week-long online workshop MaTH.CoMM, a program focusing on application of Mathematics in Finance and Economics. MaTH.CoMM is a unique module that covers application of Mathematics in great depth and helps anyone above 10th grade (and precocious students of high school), CA, MBA, Actuarial aspirants, Working and Teaching Professionals.
To get a glimpse of MaTH.CoMM modules of the past, check out:
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