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Physics Workshop

Physics Workshop

Dear Teacher / Parent / Participant,

Attached is the details of a program on Physics that ​we are organizing mainly for students of 11th & 12th std. This is a very different kind of workshop that we intend to do for students who are passionate about Physics and mainly Quantum Mechanics.

​The faculty ​who will be conducting the workshop is ​from the National University of Singapore who is a Physics enthusiast and has been conducting such workshops where the students get to understand the topics with hands on experiments. Details of the program and faculty is attached for your reference. The tentative dates are 27th & 28th Dec. If you ​know any student who might be interested, please pass on this info to them. Selection for the workshop would be done by the faculty.

​Students of 9th & 10th might also be considered if they have a background of Linear Algebra and Quantum Mechanics. A list of topics will be recommended by the faculty on which the students can do some study before coming for the workshop.

Please note – This is only for those who are ​passionate about the subject, not for the ordinary.

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