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To explore application of Mathematics in Economics and Finance.

Level and Pre-Requisites

Introductory/Beginner level. Knowledge of high school algebra is expected. A google classroom will be created to share pre-reading material before the actual workshop. Before the workshop, the participants are expected to review the pre-reading material and actively participate in the discussions on google classroom.


Sound mathematical knowledge is a strong foundation for Quantitative Finance and Economics. The workshop aims to explore areas of Mathematics that can be used to understand various phenomena in Business Economics and Finance. Understanding simple applications of calculus and statistics in analysing and optimising will be discussed.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to Calculus

  • Introduction to Statistics and Data Analytics

  • Introduction to Financial Mathematics

Introduction to Calculus

  • Straight lines and relation with elasticity of demand

  • Concept of limits and understanding 'e' and continuous compounding

  • Derivatives and its application to minimise risk in investments, revenue and cost functions, utility functions.

  • Determination of prices in different markets

Introduction to Statistics

  • Measures of central tendency

  • Measures of dispersion and understanding risk and volatility

  • Covariance, Correlation and Linear Regression and a brief introduction on its application to securities and portfolio management

  • Applying statistical concepts to interpret data in real-world.

Introduction to Financial Mathematics

  • Present Value, Future Value and their derivations

  • Relationship between inflation, real return and nominal return

  • Rule of 72 demystified

H​ow to register​

  • Click on the Donate button at the bottom of the page and make an online transfer. INR 3,000​ for students and INR 5,000 for others.

  • Fill up the form

  • You will get an email from us in 1-2 working days regarding the confirmation of the workshop.

Note : Fees once paid cannot be refunded.

Brief profile of faculties

R Hariharan

CA Ashish Ochani

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