Student Register


1. Please ensure that you have read all the documents on the website before you fill up the form. You might miss out some valid information in filling up the form if you haven't read through the documents.

2. Keep the total size of the documents less than 3 MB. While scanning, keep all the documents in low resolution so that the file size doesn't increase, else the uploading might not happen.

3. Once you upload, you will get an automated email from our end. Please do not call us to check if your application has been received or not. If you haven't received an automated email within 10 minutes, it means some technical error might have happened due to internet connectivity issues or file size and you will have to resubmit the application.

4. Once the application process has been started, it has to be completed at one go. You cannot save the application midway and continue later on. So ensure that you are ready with the necessary information and documents before you start the application process.